Japanese reasonable Soba restaurant Yudetaro ゆで太郎

Soba is one of the popular foods in Japan and we have a lot of Soba restaurant in Tokyo.

But we can divide into two type soba restaurant.

One is regular priced Soba restaurant, the other is a cheaper soba restaurant.

If you visit a soba restaurant and check the menu price, you can find the shop is former or the latter.

Reasonable soba restaurant is usually cheap. you can eat plain soba (means no topping) for about 300JPY.

For Such type of soba restaurant, first you have to buy a ticket from a vending machine.
Then you go to the counter, pass the ticket to the shop staff and receive the soba.

‘Yudetaro’ is one of the reasonable Soba restaurant and I visit this restaurant often, I like it.

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